Bridging the Communication Gap between the Deaf and Non-deaf Communities in Mohave County: Kingman, Lake Havasu City, & Bullhead City, Arizona.


Professional American Sign Language Interpreting Agency

Hello, my name is Jasmine Marin. I am a nationally certified professional interpreter for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and non-deaf consumers. I hold an interpreting Legal Class A License which qualifies me to practice in any setting in the State of Arizona. My agency provides interpreting services to people all around Mohave County.
This website is designed to provide you with information about interpreting services and what you can expect when hiring an interpreter.
Why Hire an Interpreter?
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses, public entities, and places of public accomodation, (medical providers, legal providers, mental health, employers, etc.) to provide effective communication including qualified ASL interpreters for people with disabilities. Learn more about your responsibilities here:
Interpreters can help you achieve your goals. Informed consent, accurate and complete medical histories, and reduced repeat visits are all examples of the benefits of providing professional interpreting.
Why a Certified Interpreter?
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, (RID) Certified interpreters maintain confidentiality and neutrality in their work. Certification ensures a higher quality of interpretation and communication as well as knowledge and decision-making skills on issues of ethics, culture and professionalism. Learn more about the role of a professional interpreter here:
Laws in Arizona
The State of Arizona requires interpreters who are hired by providers to be licensed with the Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. More information on these laws can be found here:

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