Bridging the Communication Gap between the Deaf and Non-deaf Communities in Mohave County: Kingman, Lake Havasu City, & Bullhead City, Arizona.

Credentials & Experience

Mohave Sign Language interpreting agency provides certified and/or licensed American Sign Language/English interpreting services according to individual state requirements.

Credentials & Experience

Owner: Jasmine M. Marin, MS, NIC Advanced


Key Skills and Areas of PracticeImage of agency owner - Jasmine Marin

  • Effective, fluent, conceptually accurate interpretation

  • Areas of practice: medical, mental health, legal, post-secondary, business, trainings, conferences, theatrical, community.

  • Assertive and dependable, detail oriented


  • NIC (National Interpreter Certification) Advanced, Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, May 2008
  • License, Legal Class AID# JM20081423, Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, December 2008
  • Registration, AdvancedState of Nevada Office of Disability Services, Community Interpreter
  • EIPA, 4.0, Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment, Language Mode: PSE, Elementary, August 2011


  • Master of Science in Healthcare Sign Language Interpreting, December 2018, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.
  • Bachelor of Science in American Sign Language Interpreting, May 2015, Troy University, Troy, Alabama.
  • Associate of Applied Sciences in American Sign Language
    , March 2006, Columbus State Community College, Columbus, Ohio.

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